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June 20th, 2010
05:51 pm


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Pataleshwar caves
Sunday morning - decided to step out. Started off with Bun-maska-chai at GoodLuck. We went to Pataleshwar caves on Jangli Maharaj road. This was my second visit but Shweta's first. She loved the trees in the complex.

Next we went to Mandai-Tulshibag for some shopping. Got a nice garden plant cutter over there among other things. That done, Shweta tells me she has never seen Shaniwarwada. So, off we go there and spend half an hour wandering - thankfully the sun was hidden in the clouds. But we were quite famished by this time and after recharging with an Orange juice - came back home.

Now after lunch and siesta - more household chores...

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